Recreational Athlete Account

£65.00 per month.

The Recreational Athlete Account is not a training plan, your workouts are updated weekly based on data collected from your own wearable device. This account is suitable for athletes that want more coach interaction and feedback. It's popular with athletes that want to complete events either for fun or to be competitive.  This Account proved its worth in 2022 with multiple first-time ultra marathon finishers, and podium finishes at distances from 5k to 200 miles.

If you're not interested in competing in events, this is still a great option. It is goal driven, but you choose what that goal may be.

You will need to open a premium Training Peaks account at your own cost. This massively improves the amount of data and the quality of the Annual Training Plan (ATP). TP Premium costs $19 per month, or $9 per month if you pay annually, as of November 2022. The cost of the  Recreational Athlete Account has been discounted to allow athletes to pay the additional cost of the Premium TP account.

You need a wearable device that is compatible with Training Peaks, you can get away without using a separate chest strap heart rate monitor but the data harvest is more reliable if you have one.  

In your first week of training we will establish realistic running goals, work out how much training time you have per week and when you can train, and then we carry out a few simple tests to set your heart rate zones and get a picture of your current training status.

So what do you get?